Shinmatsudo is good to live!
Many foreign students enjoy living in this area.
Get your favorite and inexpensive flat!

 Entertain yourselves!
at the bars in Shinmatsudo!  in Matsudo!  in Kashiwa!in Misato!  in Ueno and in Tokyo!

 Easy shopping
Foodstuffs are cheap!!
Super Markets
Stores in wholesale price
One Coin Shops

 Everything you can purchase!
Daiei super market is big andholds goods you can need.

 Health and beauty
Here is the headquarters of famous drugstore, Kiyoshi Matsumoto!

Mcdonalds, LOTTERIA, Chinese restaurants, Japanese restaurants,convenience stores etc.

Our school stand is available for lunch, snacks, sweets, etc.
 Health is of primary importance.
●The Shinmatsudo center general hospital(our school doctor)
●Tokatsu clinic  ●Niwa ophthalmology
●Ishizaki dentistry     ●Kumagaya internal medicine
All of them are kind for every foreign student. Shinmatsudo city supports your health every day.

  A part-time job
Going to Tokyo is easy and convenient. From Kashiwa sta. or Matsudo sta. by Jo-Ban Line, from Shinmatsudo sta. by Musashino Line.
That is a good opportunity for social study!
Do your best following the rules!

  The money is essential
Many banks, post offices
Chiba Bank, Mizuho Bank, The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking, Resona Bank,Japan Post Bank