Domestic Short Course

This course is intended for those already living in Japan want to study Japanese language.

1.Admission Dates:
Any time(New class begins in April,July,October,January)

2.Qualifications for admission:
Applicants who passed interview at our school

3.The formalities of application:
Applicants must submit the necessary documents for entrance, and pay the tuition at our reception desk.

4.The list of documents to submit :
@1.Application for admission
A2.Copies of passport and visa
- A foreigner who stays in Japan -
B3.A copy of an alien registration card
or an alien registration issued certificate - A foreigner who stays in Japan

5.School expenses: 
Grand total One month(20days) Three month(20days×3)
¥48,000 ¥144,000

Material expense is free except purchase of textbooks. 


◎ You can get one-week trial lesson when you start studying.
(three months course and one month course as well)

◎Additional one-week free lesson is given at the end,
if you pay the three month fee in a lump.
◎Only lessons must be paid(not including long vacations etc.)

Once you paid any expenses , you cannot pay them back,even though you have any reason.

Guides of classes

<<Class time>>
@9:15am〜0:45pm 45 minute lesson×4(10 minute rest×3)
A0:45pm〜0:45pm 45 minute lesson×4(10 minute rest×3)

<<Course content>>
Classes, by spoken-communication, efficiently, speedy,and delightfully, develop your each skill (reading, writing, listening, speaking).
In addition,our curriculums are fit for the examinations. We provide preparation classes for the students who require them, before the tests such as "the JLPT" and "the EJU".

※JLPT (Japanese-Language Proficiency Test)
※EJU (Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students)

○Class Details
Beginner1 target: JLPT lv.4 Ability to communicate at the lowest level in everyday life.
Beginner2 JLPT lv.3 Ability to do simple work following easy Japanese instructions.
Middle JLPT lv.2 Ability to work in limited situations or enter a technical college.
Senior JLPT lv.1 Ability to work in variety situations or enter a university.

○Text books
Minna no NihongoT、 Minna no NihongoU
New Approach Japanese Intermdeiate Course,
New Approach Japanese Pre-Advanced Course
The Preparatory Course for The JLPT!(lv2 Grammer), etc.

For more detail, please call. TEL 047(346)2211